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Wild about New Zealand
Posted: Thursday 19 September 2013 by Chris

There is currently a new TV series which is currently being screened on TV ONE (Tuesdays 8.30pm) which is called "Wild about New Zealand".

Its a six-part series takes in all the beauty and idiosyncrasies of six of New Zealand's stunning and unique National Parks. The series showcases this country's dramatic topography, unique species, spectacular stories and the cast of thousands that fight every day to maintain and preserve the rich history and future of our national parks.

Click here for further information or to watch on demand.

NZ Landscapes - Timelapse
Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2013 by Chris

This timelapse video shows the wonderful landscapes that we have in New Zealand.  Particularly this is showing the beauty of Tongariro National Park, which is one of my favourite places in the country.



Protecting our place
Posted: Wednesday 1 May 2013 by Chris

Kiwis are, without a doubt, an outdoor species. With a landscape like ours, who wouldn’t be? Whether it’s tramping, fishing, hunting or driving stock across the high country, we’ll take any excuse to get outside. In fact, nearly half of us enjoy Department of Conservation protected land every year.

From back country huts way off the beaten track, to lodges located along well worn walkways, the Department of Conservation’s huts have long provided essential shelter for Kiwi outdoor enthusiasts and international tourists.

The Department’s 973 recreation huts and lodges, which support more than 14,000 km of track, are well used by New Zealanders. According to the 2012 DOC Annual Report, DOC estimates that two thirds of the 300,000 bed stays per year at the DOC huts and lodges are by New Zealanders. 
However, these huts are often exposed to New Zealand’s harshest and most extreme weather conditions and are in need of protection themselves.
The Department of Conservation has announced a $1.5 million partnership with Dulux New Zealand to paint and protect public huts and lodges over the next three years.
It’s your place too, so you’re most welcome to lend a hand. You can choose the next hut to be painted, pick the colours or even pick up a brush and put a lick of paint on a deserving hut.



Further information on Protecting our place.

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