Bagged Huts & Campsites - List

Bagged Huts & Campsites - List

This page lists the official huts and campsites that Chris has bagged/visited (N = overnight stay, D = day visit).  Alternatively you can view on a map.

Note: Huts and campsites are managed by Department of Conservation (DOC), unless otherwise stated.  Some DOC facilities require online booking.


Huts Campsites
  Twilight Basic Campsite (N2002, N2020)
  Tapotupotu Bay Campsite (N2002, 2020)
  Pandora Basic Campsite (N2020)


Huts Campsites
Kaiarara Hut (N2009) Shakespear Regional Park -- Managed by Auckland Council
Ngaro Te Kotare Hut (N2017) -- Managed by ATC Tunnel Point Campsite (N1996, D2015) -- Managed by Auckland Council
Ongaruanuku AUTC Hut (D2017) -- Managed by AUTC/Auckland Council Pararaha Valley Campsite (D1996, N1998, N2000, D2002, D2015, D2016) -- Managed by Auckland Council
  Wenderholm Regional Park -- Managed by Auckland Council
  Tawharanui Regional Park (N1998) -- Managed by Auckland Council
  The Green Campsite (N2009)
  Harataonga Bay Campsite (N2009)
  Whatipu Campground (N2013, N2016) -- Managed by Whatipu Lodge
  Mita Bay Campground (N2015) -- Managed by Auckland Council
  Home Bay Campsite (N2019)


Huts Campsites
Pinnacles Hut (N1998, N2001, N2002, N2006, D2009, N2010) Dancing Camp Campsite (N2009)
Leitchs Hut (N2016) Hauhungaroa Track / Campsite (N2017)
Crosbies Hut (N2017, N2020)  
Bog Inn Hut (N2017)  
Waihaha Hut (N2017)  
Hauhungaroa Hut (2017)  
Pahautea Hut (2019)  

Bay of Plenty

Huts Campsites
Waitawheta Hut (N2013) Dickey Flat Campsite (N2017)
Te Rereatukahia Hut (N2015, N2017) Hot Water Beach Campsite (N2018)

Central Plateau

Huts Campsites
Mangatepopo Hut (N2000, N2004, N2014, N2015) Waipakihi Hut Campsite (N2004)
Ketetaki Hut (N2000) -- Now a shelter due to 2012 volcanic eruption Urchin Track / Waipakihi River Campsite (N2004, N2016, N2021)
Oturere Hut (D2000, N2004, N2014, N2015) Urchin Campsite (N2016)
Waihohonu Hut (N2000, D2004, N2006) -- #2 Removed  
Waihohonu Hut (N2014, N2015, D2015, N2021) -- #3  
Waipakihi Hut (D2004, N2016, N2021)  
Rangipo Hut (N2004, N2006, N2021)  
Mangaehuehu Hut (D2004, D2006, D2021)  
Blyth Hut (N2004, N2006, N2021)  
Mangaturuturu Hut (D2004, D2006, D2021)  
Whakapapiti Hut (N2004, N2006, N2021)  
Old Waihohonu Hut (D2015) -- #1 Historic  
Oamaru Hut (N2020)  
Boyd Hut (N2020)  


Huts Campsites
Pouakai Hut (N2013, N2016, N2020)  
Holly Hut (N2013, N2016, N2020)  

East Coast

Huts Campsites
Whanganui Hut (D1999, D2021) Waiharuru Campsite (N1999)
Waiharuru Hut (D1999, D2021) Waiopaoa Campsite (N1999)
Marauiti Hut (D1999) Verns Camp Shelter (D2015, D2017)
Waiopaoa Hut (D1999, D2021) Maraunui Campsite (N2021)
Panekire Hut (N1999, N2021)  
Manuoha Hut (N2007)  
Sandy Bay Hut (N2007)  
Te Waiti Hut (N2014)  
Pakihi Hut (N2014)  
Skips Hut / Whangatawhia (D2014, N2015)  
Rogers Hut / Te Wairoa (N2014, D2014, D2015)  
Mangakahika Hut (D2014, N2014, D2015)  
Central Te Hoe Hut (N2014, N2015)  
Moerangi Hut (N2014)  
Central Whirinaki Hut (N2015, N2017)  
Upper Whirinaki Hut (D2015)  
Upper Te Hoe Hut (N2015)  
Sunrise Hut (D2016)  
Triple X Hut (D2016)  
Mangamate Hut (N2017)  

Nelson / Marlborough

Huts Campsites
Bark Bay Hut (D2003) South Head Campsite (N2003) -- Removed
Awaroa Hut (D2003) Waiharakeke Bay Campsite (N2003)
Whariwharangi Hut (D2003) Totaranui Campsite (D2003)
Trilobite Hut (D2010) Mutton Cove Campsite (D2003)
Chaffey Hut (D2010) Whariwharangi Campsite (N2003)
Fenella Hut (N2010) Cobb Valley Tent Camp (D2010)
Lonely Lake Hut (D2010) Lonely Lake Hut Campsite (N2010)
Adelaide Tarn Hut (D2010) Adelaide Tarn Hut Campsite (N2010)
Boulder Lake Hut (N2010)  
Speargrass Hut (N2012)  
Sabine Hut (N2012, N2019)  
West Sabine Hut (N2012, N2019, N2019)  
Upper Travers Hut (N2012, N2019)  
John Tait Hut (D2012, D2019)  
Lakehead Hut (N2012, N2019)  
Flora Hut (D2014)  
Upper Gridiron Hut (D2014)  
Lower Gridiron Rock Shelter (D2014)  
Salisbury Lodge (N2014)  
Splugeons Rock Shelter (D2014)  
Karamea Bend Hut (N2014)  
Crow Hut (D2014)  
Venus Hut (N2014)  
Thor Hut (D2014)  
Trevor Carter Hut (D2014)  
Helicopter Flat Hut (N2014)  
Stone Hut (D2014)  
Cecil Kings Hut (D2014) -- Historic  
Kings Creek Hut (N2014)  
Brown Hut (D2018)  
Aorere Shelter (D2018)  
Perry Saddle Hut (N2018)  
Gouland Downs Hut (D2018)  
Saxon Hut (N2018)  
James Mackay Hut (D2018)  
Lewis Hut (N2018) -- Now a shelter  
Heaphy Hut (N2018)  
Blue Lake Hut (D2019)  
Angelus Hut (N2019)  
Relax Shelter (D2019)  


Huts Campsites
Greenstone Hut (N2016)  
Mid Greenstone Hut (D2016) -- Managed by SLNZDA  
Steele Creek Hut (N2016)  
Upper Caples Hut (N2016) -- Managed by SLNZDA  
Mid Caples Hut (N2016)  
Shelter Rock Hut (N2019)  
Dart Hut (N2019, N2019)  
Daleys Flat Hut (N2019)  


Huts Campsites
Luxmore Hut (N2022)  
Iris Burn Hut (N2022)  
Moturau Hut (N2022)  


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