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Mt Ruapehu crater lake close to bursting
Posted: Sunday 14 January 2007 by Chris

It is only a matter of time until up to one million cubic metres of water - enough to fill 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools - will burst from the Mt Ruapehu crater lake and sweep down the Whangaehu Valley, says the Department of Conservation.

"If that water comes out in half an hour, you can expect quite a sizeable lahar," said DoC scientist Harry Keys.

Dr Keys said the lake was at a record level, 2.8m below the top of a dam that has started leaking up to 10 litres a second. The seepage is eroding the dam, which blocks the lake's usual outlet.

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Source: New Zealand Herald

Mt Ruapehu Crater Lake reaches Milestone level
Posted: Saturday 2 December 2006 by Chris

Conservator, Paul Green, says, “The lake level has reached Warning Level 2 on a scale of levels set by the agencies involved in monitoring and responding to a lahar from the lake. This level is significant in that the water level is now half way to the top of the 7.6 metre high dam. However, the likelihood of a lahar occurring at this level is considered to be only 1-2% and should one occur it would be small.”

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Source: Department of Conservation

Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe warnings downgraded
Posted: Saturday 14 October 2006 by Chris

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has reduced the high risk warning status around the Crater Lake on Ruapehu to a medium risk warning. The Department of Conservation (DOC) has also reduced the medium risk warning status at the crater on Ngauruhoe to a normal risk warning, which now applies to the whole volcano.


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Source: Department of Conservation

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