Sunrise Track
Ruahine Forest Park

26 March 2016

During Easter I decided to have a bit of a day hike.  So we took to the Ruahine's since we were in the Hawkes Bay area. I was joined by a group of Rovers.

Day 1 North Block Road-End - Sunrise Hut Hut - North Block Road-End
Sunrise Track
6 Hours

Track Profile

Track Profile

Day 1 (Saturday):

Today started a bit misty and hoping that the weather is going to clear.  We drove 2 vans full of people to the start of the track.  Once the final briefing had been done and put on the rain coats, we started heading up the hill.  The track is well graded and quite well used, this meant that the track was easy to follow.  However the track is up hill all the way to the hut, the steepness differing from a genital gradient to steps.  We stopped numerous times as came across track junctions or something interesting along the route.

Sunrise Track
Sunrise Track

Three hours later we finally got to Sunrise Hut which is our lunch stop.  So this allowed us to warm up a bit and dry off.  We were here for about an hour.  Just before we left we had a look round the hut and the nice view that we might have seen if we were not clouded in.

So we then headed back down the hill, which meant that we had a bit of a quicker pace.  On the way down we stopped by the Triplex Hut to take a look before we got back to the vans.  We loaded up and headed back to where we were staying, on the way we stopped at Ongaonga where there was an old restored hut that we admired.


  • NZTopo50: BK36 - Taoroa Junction


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