Crosbies Hut

Crosbies Hut
Coromandel Forest Park

2 - 3 October 2020

We decided to have an overnight trip to the popular Crosbies Hut which required booking in advance.  I was joined by Chris S, Staci, Tim F, Cameron and Kirsty.

COVID-19 Alert Level: 1 (all of NZ except Auckland at level 2)

Day 1 Travel to Thames
Waiotahi Road-End - Crosbies Hut
Waiotahi Track, Karaka Tramping Track, Crosbies Main Range Tramping Track
5.25 Hours
Day 2 Crosbies Hut - Karaka Road-End
Crosbies Main Range Tramping Track, Karaka Tramping Track
Travel back to Auckland
6 Hours

Track Profile

Track Profile

Day 1 (Friday):

We left Auckland at about 8.30am to head to Thames.  A Friday start was chosen as this was when we could get a booking into the hut, as the Saturday's were booked out.  We made a stop in Thames for a pre-tramp feed before we made it to the road-end.  Once ready we put our packs on and started headed in the direction of the hut.

We headed uphill along the track which was of a good standard with some boggy muddy patches.  We stopped for lunch at the junction of Karaka track, which is about the half way point.

We finally reached the hut by mid-afternoon and enjoyed being outside on the hut's deck while admiring the view.  We then had dinner before darkness set in.  We played a card game before going to bed.

Day 2 (Saturday):

Got up to another stunning sunny day and had breakfast before leaving the hut. We followed the same route back to track junction and had lunch there again.

Looking towards Table Mountain
Looking towards Table Mountain | Photo Credit: Chris Foster

We decided to continue along Karaka track, which was more of a tramping style of track.  Along this track there were some awesome views, which made it worth while.  Then we dropped down and followed the stream to the road-end.  Since this track does not loop back to where the cars were parked, we had to make our way through Thames to Waiotahi Road.  Some of us finished at a local park, while the drivers continued on to collect the cars.  Once we finally all back together, changed into clean clothes, then headed home back to Auckland with a couple of stops along the way.

  • NZTopo50: BB34 - Thames
  • NZTopo50: BB35 - Hikuai

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