Pararaha Valley / Karekare

Pararaha Valley / Karekare
Waitakere Ranges

17 November 2002

Due to not writing a report after the tramp, this one is done from memory.

In preparation for the Cape Reinga in a week and a half's time, a day tramp along the Auckland west coast beach was required. I was joined by Jaime, Ryan, Angus, Alistair and Trevor.

Day 1 Karekare - Pararaha Valley - Karekare
Coast route, Pararaha River route & Zion Ridge Track

Track Profile

Track Profile

We travelled by Land Rover to Karekare, this is where we start and finish today's tramp. Prepared ourselves by lacing up our boots and adjusting our packs which are only half full. Firstly we tramped through the dunes to Karekare beach then headed south to Karekare Point.

At Karekare Point, we had to go over rocks and the same for Cowan Point while the tide was still on its way out. The sand was hard so distance was covered quickly. Passed Tunnel Point and started making our way inland over the sand dune / swamp area, finally we made it to the big sand dune at the bottom of Pararaha Valley.

Continued up to Pararaha Valley camp site for our morning tea break. After the break we headed up Pararaha Valley. Climbed up the waterfall, continued along the river then up to the car park at Lone Kauri Road - where several tracks meet.

Headed along Zion Ridge Track towards to Karekare. Had lunch at some point along the track. Once we went past Mt Zion, it was all downhill down to Karekare. Finally we came out to park surroundings, where we had a break to catch our breath as a quick pace was set.

Out of nowhere heavy rain came pouring down, so our coats were put on and headed for some shelter. Since it did not look like it was going to let up any time soon, so we sprinted back to the Land Rover and piled in through the doors. Then we headed home.



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