Long Bay / Okura River
Auckland Regional Park

23 November 2002

Due to not writing a report after the tramp, this one is done from memory.

Day 1 Long Bay - Okura - Long Bay
Okura Walkway

Track Profile

In preparation for the Cape Reinga in four days time, some tramping along the beach was in order. Headed down to Long Bay which is around the corner where we lived. Tramping along a beach is a lot harder than normal soil, we made it a lot harder by tramping in the real soft sand.

Unsure of what we were going to expect on the Cape Reinga tramp, we decided to load our packs up quite heavy (some of us heavier than what we will be taking), and simulate the turain that we would expect.

Started off at the southern end at the Merc Centre, along the soft sand to the northern end of the beach, then along farmland to Okura River. Had a break and headed back along the same route.

This tested our fitness and also we know what we could expect - some really hard tramping.



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