Tramping New Zealand

Route Intention Form

Tell Someone Your Plans It May Save Your Life - AdventureSmart (

This page contains the route intention form for a tramping trip, which this information needs to be provided to the emergency contact.

In New Zealand, you can also use the electronic intentions system "AdventureSmart Outdoor Intentions (" from NZ Search & Rescue Council (NZSAR).


Trip Summary:

Trip Name:
Trip Location:
Start Date/Time:
Return Date/Time:

Route Information:




Planned Route:

Date Route Description Topo50 Map No. Grid References

Alternate / Emergency Routes:


Date Route Description Topo50 Map No. Grid References

Enter your progress and changes to planned route in hut logbooks even if you don't stay overnight.

Party Members:

Name Address Phone



Travel to start:
Travel on return:

Vehicle Information:


Make: Model:
Colour: Plate No.:
Parked At:


Contact Details:

Party Leader:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:

Emergency Procedure:


Emergency Contact:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:

The emergency contact person is to inform the Police if the party has not made contact by:

Time: Date:


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