Tramping New Zealand

Tramping Gear List

This page lists the typical gear required for a tramping trip in the New Zealand environment.  Some gear can be shared / catered for as a group.

Need Packed  
Basic Equipment
 -  Pack Liner
 -  Pack Rain Cover
 -  Day Pack (if required)
Tent, Fly, Poles and Pegs (if required)
Tramping Boots
 -  Gaiters
 -  Jandals / Crocs / hut (camp) shoes
Tramping Pole(s)
Sleeping Gear
Sleeping Bag (in dry bag)
Silk Liner for sleeping bag
Sleeping Mat / Bed Roll (if required)
Inflatable / Travel Pillow (if required)
Cooking Gear
Gas Cooker
 -  Propane / Butane Gas (can't take on plane)
Billy / Pot and/or Frying Pan
Matches or Lighter
Eating Gear
Galley Bag
 -  Knife, Fork, Spoon
 -  Cup, Plate, Bowl
 -  Dishwashing Liquid (bio-degradable) and Dish Scrubber
 -  Tea Towel
Clothing - Wet Weather
Raincoat (waterproof)
Togs (if required)
Clothing - Day & General
2x T-Shirts
2x Shorts
Underwear (1 pair per 2/3 days, max 3 pairs)
Socks (1 pair per 2/3 days, max 3 pairs)
Clothing - Warm & Evening
Polarfleece Jumper
Baselayer / Thermal Clothing
 -  Polypropylene Long Sleeve Top (x2 for alpine environment)
 -  Polypropylene Long Johns
 -  Polypropylene / Merino Gloves (alpine environment)
Beanie - Woollen or Merino
Long Sleeve Shirt (Merino) / T-Shirt
Hut (camp) / Evening Socks
Down / Insulated Jacket
Clothing - Winter Environment (if required)
Buff (Neck Scarf or Balaclava for alpine environment)
Overpants (waterproof)
Fleece / Warm Trousers
Equipment - Alpine / Snow Environment (if required)
Snow Gloves
Ice Axe
Toilet Bag
 -  Toothbrush and Toothpaste
 -  Comb or Brush
 -  Deodorant
 -  Toilet Paper
General / Other Gear
Personal First Aid Kit
Survival Kit
 -  Survival Blanket
Pocket Knife
Medication (if any, e.g. antihistamine & paracetamol)
Digital Camera and Spare Batteries
Headlamp or Torch and Spare Batteries
Pack of Cards
Dry Bags and/or Re-usable re-sealable Bags (to pack clothing, food, etc.)
GPS and Spare Batteries
Topographical Map(s)
Insect Repellent
Sun Hat
Glasses Case and Cleaning Cloth
Handkerchief or Tissues
Spare Re-sealable Plastic Bags (for rubbish etc.)
Hand Sanitiser
Water Filter or Purification Tablets
Personal Emergency Locator Beacon
Mobile Phone
Wallet (Cards & Cash)
Hut Pass / Hut Ticket(s) / Booking Confirmation(s)
Food / Drinks
Energy Food
 -  Chocolate Bars
 -  Scroggin
 -  Lollies
Salt, Sugar, etc.
Water in Camel Bak and/or Drink Bottles (2 - 3L)
Milk Powder or UHT Milk 250ml
Powered Drinks (hot and/or cold)
Extra Emergency Food
Additional (add your own)

Packing Tips

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