Tramping New Zealand

Explore Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, which includes active volcanoes, geysers and mud pools.


Tauranga is home to the famous "The Mount" an icon for the area. This is one of the growth areas of New Zealand and has high sun shine hours.

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Rotorua is home to the geysers and boiling mud pools. There are lots to do such as the Ludge - Small carts race down the concrete tracks and soaking in the hot pools.

Lining up for a Ludge race
Lining up for a Ludge race | Photo Credit: Chris Foster

Mount Tarawera

Mt. Tarawera last erupted 1886. During the eruption it created a big crater that split opened and destroyed the famous pink and white terraces. To visit the crater you will need a 4WD and you will have to pay the local Maori's a fee to access the top. At the top it is flat as there is a runway that airplanes can land (make sure you clear the rocks first). It is a wonderful sight because on a clear day you can see Mt Edgecumbe, White Island, Lake Tarawera (also known for trout fishing).

View of inside Mt. Tarawera Crater
View of inside Mt. Tarawera Crater | Photo Credit: Chris Foster

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