Tramping New Zealand

Tramping Gear List

This page lists the typical gear required for a tramping trip in the New Zealand environment.  Some gear can be shared / catered for as a group.

Need Packed  
Basic Equipment
 -  Pack Liner
 -  Pack Rain Cover
 -  Day Pack (if required)
Tent, Fly, Poles and Pegs (if required)
Tramping Boots
 -  Gaiters or Putties
 -  Jandals
Tramping Pole
Sleeping Gear
Sleeping Bag (in dry bag)
Silk Liner for sleeping bag
Sleeping Mat / Bed Roll
Inflatable / Travel Pillow (if required)
Cooking Gear
Gas Cooker
 -  Propane / Butane Gas
Billies and/or Frying Pans
Matches or Lighter
Eating Gear
Galley Bag
 -  Knife, Fork, Spoon
 -  Cup, Plate, Bowl
 -  Dishwashing Liquid (bio-degradable) and Dish Scrubber
 -  Tea Towel
Clothing - Wet Weather
Raincoat (waterproof)
Clothing - Day & General
Socks (1 pair per 2 days)
Clothing - Warm & Evening
Polarfleece Jumper
Baselayer / Thermal Clothing
 -  Polypropylene Tops (x2 - short/long sleeves)
 -  Polypropylene Long Johns
 -  Polypropylene / Merino Gloves (alpine environment)
Long Sleeve Shirt (Merino) or T-Shirt
Hut / Evening Socks
Beanie - Woollen or Merino
Clothing - Winter Environment (if required)
Neck Scarf or Buff or Balaclava
Overpants (waterproof)
Fleece / Warm Trousers
Down / Insulated Jacket
Equipment - Alpine / Snow Environment (if required)
Snow Gloves
Ice Axe
Toilet Bag
 -  Toothbrush and Toothpaste
 -  Comb or Brush
 -  Deodorant
 -  Toilet Paper
General / Other Gear
Personal First Aid Kit
Survival Kit
 -  Survival Bag
 -  Survival Blanket
Pocket Knife
Medication (if any)
Digital Camera and Spare Batteries
Headlamp or Torch and Spare Batteries
Pack of Cards
Re-sealable Bags and/or Dry Bags (to pack clothing, food, etc.)
GPS and Spare Batteries
Topographical Map(s)
Insect Repellent
Sun Hat
Glasses Case and Cleaning Cloth
Handkerchief or Tissues
Spare Plastic Bags (for rubbish etc.)
Hand Sanitiser
Water Filter or Purification Tablets
Emergency Locator Beacon
Mobile Phone
Wallet (Cards & Cash)
Hut Pass / Hut Ticket(s) / Booking Confirmation(s)
Food / Drinks
Energy Food
 -  Chocolate Bars
 -  Scroggin
 -  Lollies
Salt, Sugar, etc.
Water in Camel Bak or Drink Bottles (2 - 3L)
Milk Powder or UHT Milk 250ml
Powered Drinks (hot and/or cold)
Extra Emergency Food
Additional (add your own)


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