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About Me


Photo of ChrisI try to have a balanced lifestyle which incorporates working with IT technologies and enjoying the great outdoors.
I taught myself to use everything from software to hardware in IT technologies and at a later stage having professional training.  I try to keep my mind active by trying to be a creative person, by building websites (like this one), I do this by using the programs of the trade and this is all started from a very young age.
My hobbies/interests are Computers/IT (no surprise), Tramping, Sailing and I have an active interest in Bays Rover Crew.


History - '80's

I was born 12 weeks early and I could have fitted into a small shoe box.  I stayed in hospital for 7 weeks before I was allowed home with my Mum and Dad.  I fought against the odds to live today.  I am very lucky to be alive as I was born too early.  Christchurch is where I lived for the next 7 years before shifting to North Shore City (Auckland), New Zealand in 1991.


In the 1990's I had seen a big change in my life.  In 1991, I moved with my family to Auckland.  Started a new primary school and making new friends.  I carried on in Scouting, being a Cub at the local scout group - Awatuna Sea Scout Group.  Some of my new friends were in Cubs also.
After finishing primary school, I moved to intermediate school, this lasted for two years as I progressed through forms 1 & 2.  During this time I started Scouts, where I had a lot of fun in sailing boats.
In 1996 I started Long Bay College where I was for the next four years.  During my time there I helped out with the college library most days.
At the end of 1997 / early 1998, I started Venturers where I have been travelling around the country, doing lots of outdoor activities.

Now - '00's

In year 2000 I finished my secondary schooling at Long Bay College.   I did 7th Form Bursay and started doing MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) qualifications with the help of my school teacher Mr Meyer.  I completed Networking Essentials and nearly passing NT4 Server, while this was hard to complete, by doing this course, it has expanded my knowledge and the direction on where I wanted to head.
One year later (2001), I have started doing a course (scholarship) from ComTech that contains A+, MCSE (again) and a Computing Degree .   To date I have completed A+ (Hardware & Software basics) and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).  I enjoyed my time here as I learn the Microsoft Windows 2000 curriculum.
As part of the course (scholarship) was to gain on the job experience, I searched for over 6 months (after Com Tech decided to back out of NZ) before being accepted a job at Bartercard New Zealand as Helpdesk Support.
I am currently still at Bartercard New Zealand and moved up the ranks to Systems/Network Administrator where I manage the nationwide network and server infrastructure which also links up to the New Zealand Eftpos payment networks.
If you wish to obtain a copy of my C.V. please contact me.

My Life



I have quite an active life.  I like Scouting, Tramping, Sailing, etc.


Scouting is a big part of my life, I have been involved through all of the youth sections including; Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers & Rovers.  I am currently a member of Bays Rover Crew, where I am an active member.
Throughout Scouting I have lots of friends all over the country and the world.
Being involved with Scouting has allowed me to learn a lot and experience a lot of new things.  A lot of my current interests had started from Scouting.  Some of the things I enjoy within Scouting including Tramping, Sailing, Gang Show, Travel, etc.


Tramping is one of the best activities that I like doing.   I often go tramping with friends where we go away for a weekend to a whole week.
The Waitakare Ranges in the Auckland region is a good place to start.   There are lots of tracks from the beginner to the advanced.
I have also done tramping in the Coromandel Range, Urewera National Park, Tongariro National Park, Abel Tasman National Park, Kaimanawa Mountains, Kahurangi National Park, Nelson Lakes National Park and much more.  Each place has its own uniqueness and it allows you to get away from it all and take everything on your back and then walk.
Read some of my experiences at Tramping New Zealand.


Occasionally I go sailing on the Hauraki Gulf.  Usually visit the inner islands of the gulf.


When I am not being active I am usually found on the computer (who could not have guessed).

On the Web



I virtually use the Internet most days for leisure and work.   The Internet is a big place where it is the largest interconnected network in the world.  I first got the Internet in 1995, I found it hard to use and not having much experience, plus no fancy GUI interfaces.  Used mainly email and gopher.  The www was starting with pages just plain text and no graphics.  Once I found out how to use the Internet properly, I have spent many hours on it.  Used technologies such as IRC, WWW, FTP, ICQ, Newsgroups, etc.
As the Internet has grown and I have gained extensive experience now, I run part of the Internet structure through my company ProWeb.  Now I know what the technologies behind it all such as, DNS, POP, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, WWW, etc.   This is all very interesting and keeps my mind active.

My craze on the Net

I am on the Internet most days, including most evenings after my days work and most weekends (with the exception when being in the great outdoors. There is so much to do such as communicating with friends, listening/watching to audio / video and more.

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